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A true gift is sharing your day, of what you love with others. 


A Dog is the Only Thing on Earth that Loves You More Then They Love Themselves

My name is Robin Demmer, I am married to my amazing husband Chad Demmer who let's me live my passion and dream of raising Bernedoodle & Goldendoodle puppies!! My husband Chad and I have 4 beautiful children, raised here in Fillmore Iowa; just right outside of Dubuque Iowa. At Demmer Doodles we take great pride and joy in the everyday of taking great care of our animals and baby puppies. Of course we have horse's and a few precious cats running around here as well, which I love just as much! But for those of you that know me best, I have had this animal... especially dog obsession; since I was as young as I can remember! I would bring home a random dog every now and then at a young age. So I guess basically you can say I have been dog obsessed as a young girl. The biggest deal in my day is making sure that every Goldendoodle & Bernedoodle puppy we raise is very healthy and trained with some manners before they leave here. Our passion is to give the family of the Doodles we have a wonderful place to live, then provide our doodle babies to loving caring select families. So basically I must admit, in all... my everyday is hanging with Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles & Golden Mountain Doodle puppies. Some would call it a job or a lot of work to raise healthy beautiful puppies, but rest assure I am thankful to be a breeder that has a well kept facility and that I can hang with my furry doodle puppies everyday and call this home, because I honestly love every minute of my day!! It's just simply we have great passion in raising pups for other families to take home to their new families to love on!!! So when your time is now, will have your baby puppy ready to go with some basic training but keep in mind, additional training is offered at an addition fee, just ask us how. It is an honest blessing from above to be able to raise healthy puppies in a clean spotless environment, then hand them over to their new family to love on. So between Riding Lessons, Dog Boarding, Baby Doodle Puppies, we offer lots of camps, birthday parties, 4H troop events and so much more! To say it all, in a short way... we love to share our place with children and people that have a love for the true beauty in this world that God has blessed us all with. 24-hour surveillance on all propriety & building

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