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Know as"Puppy Heaven on Earth" this one of a kind kennel-free facility sits on on 35 areas of an Eastern Iowa hillside, know as a must see facility in Iowa. Buyer's praise Demmer Doodles as a stress-free environment where puppies have learned their first step of puppy mannerisms as being well socialized with adult dog plus kids are a number one must at Demmer Doodles. Secondly a balanced puppy soul is the foundation to a grounded puppy so we secondly start with sound therapy, infrared light & chormotherapy on the babies for a full aray of health benefits. Thirdly with being a kennel free facility along with plush birthing suites we believe tv time, meditation music along with playtime recess is a reason why our puppies leave with a calm warm demeanor.

Demmer Doodle is Sending puppy love into the universe by raising Mini Bernedoodles, Cavapoos & Mini Goldendoodles awaiting you.


Demmer Doodles Mini Bernedoodle
Mini Bernedoodle Demmer Doodles
Mini Bernedoodle Demmer Doodles


NOW - $1500 orinally-$2500

4th of July Thank you Sale!!

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Female Bernedoodle
Female Bernedoodle
Male Mini Bernedoodle
Mini Bernedoodle
Female Mini Bernedoodle
male Mini Bernedoodle
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Call or text 563-590-6868 or 563-258-2828 

$200 Venmo deposit is encouraged as their new awaiting families pick quickly, valid for any available puppy of choice.

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mini bernedoodle
mini bernedoodle
mini bernedoodle
mini bernedoodle
mini bernedoodle
mini bernedoodle
mini bernedoodle
mini bernedoodle

Looking for a Rescue Doodle? What's a Rescue?

As a top breeder in the US, we get local breeders reaching out to us in need of help. They may have a few puppies in need of rehome, we visit the location to make sure all puppies are in good health with stable clean living conditions. A Vet check up is required on all puppies plus parents. If a clean bill of health is made, we take the puppies home with us to welcome them to the Demmer Doodles family. That is when they begin puppy manners & grounding until certified ready. 

Recently Voted for raising some of the happiest grown-up puppies in the US. The first 8 weeks of a puppies life is very crucial for a perfect puppy development. That is why being raised in a grounded environment, were they learn puppy manners, experience reiki, emotional chakra grounding, can equal – a balanced puppy as a perfect addition to any family.




Doodles typically shed very little which is great for those how have allergies or messy dog hair all over your clothes or house ect.


Poodles have fewer health issues than many other AKC breeds plus are know to be one of the smartest breeds. Additionally the hybrid breed mixed with another breed makes a healthy happy dog.


Many families like the fluffy bear look of our doodles. With a easy fluffy curly coat it makes caring for these babies a breeze.


Demmer Doodles specializes in helping you find your new puppy, we are great at knowing the right match or come pick your own puppy in person. We won't hide anything of how your pup was raised here, as you're more then welcome to come see our entire place. 

Sound therapy

Sound can have a profound impact on our well-being, and that of our dogs inner souls. We aline their balance with trust & love along with calming music or gentle nature sounds to ease moods of storms.

Stone and crystal healing

Stone and crystal healing helps build emotional strength and stability, making it an ideal tool for pets who are anxious or hyperactive.

Cartoon TV time

Puppies enjoy watching TV just as humans do. In fact, they like it sometimes more than their humans do.

Our Promise

One-year contract health guarantee or choose from our 3 year health guarantee. We are a licensed breeder, all of our puppies come with shots plus distemper. 

Our Certifications

State Licensed Breeder CVI

Certified Vet Puppy Inspection 

Demmer Doodles is a Registered Trademark 

Safe Travels

We assure all safe deliveries of puppies with a flight nanny or personal drivers. Pick up your puppy with a scheduled appointment.

Comfortable Mommys 

Top-rated birthing suites

15 acres of kennel free environment 

5,000 sq ft. top of the line heated & cooled facility 


Diffuse oil aromatherapy has a proven relaxing effect 

Balanced Puppies

Therapy of love sessions for the first 8 weeks of life to balance their soul and to bond with you better.

Client Love!

We love the fact Demmer Doodles raises all their own puppies in a one of a kind business. This place is a truly must see, it was like puppy heaven on earth for sure! 

~ Justin Walsh FL. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Let me just say it is more then a 5 star if I could give it that.

~ Bobby Taller  CA.

My dog recently passed which made it hard to consider a new one but we found so much love & compassion from the Demmer Doodles staff.

~ Sally Newburry SC.

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