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"Changing People's Lives,One Puppy at a Time"

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Demmer Doodles® we take great pride in knowing that your Google search brought you to our Doodle site. We are known to many as having an amazing facilty as we are a Kennel Free Enviroment. Providing Doodle Puppies in Iowa as well to many in the United States as our puppies are Ready for Pick up or Fight Nanny upon scheduling. We will have the furry little puppy soul you have been searching for. Call for an appointment & Come join us! Many say it's as if they are in Doggy Heaven as you pull up the drive. You may feel the freshness of the land, country air with serenity as we do. Just plan to have your experience be the best.

Simple, Easy, Relaxing & Professional. We are greatly blessed as we love every puppy with our entire soul.

For our precious moms, trust that we only breed our moms once a year, yet that's if we choose to. As for our puppies, we keep them for 8-10 weeks to teach them what love feels like, with some basic Doodle Puppies in Iowa manners along with how to interact with adult dogs. Making sure your little snuggle fido has been introduced to adults & children of all ages. We also implement sounds they will hear through out their lives as they develop, of rain, thunder storms, lighting along with some relaxation meditation music for some soothing energy.

It's simply our honor to welcome each baby into the world showing them what human love feels like, from their first hug & kiss.

Whether it's a Mini Cavapoo, Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle, Aussie or whatever Breed of Doodle Mix your looking for, we may just have the puppy you have been looking for. As we all know they make a perfect lap dog, love car rides & after dinner walks. A Doodle Mixed pup may just be what your soul has been longing for.

Picking a Dog Mixed with some Poodle, other dog breeds for the lower non shed trait is truly a plus. Being assure the breed is filled with loyalty and love so no matter what Fur-ball you choose to take home, they blend some of the best traits, also not to mention adorable.

Doodle Puppies in Iowa

"A breeder with a gift of raising puppies with all their heart & soul"

Our property sits on 35 acres, which 15 acres is for our adult dogs to hangout to simply live the good life. Having to live in a 10,000 sq feet building with a Doodle Puppies in Iowa door for free access to come and go. The baby fidos have suites they sleep in along with outdoor play areas. One thing we can say for sure is that we never loose that love and space in our hearts for every dog born at Demmer Doodles.

Every baby raised with us is filled with love, has touched our hearts & now ready to touch yours.

  • Michelle Cooper
    We met Robin under the most amazing, unusual circumstances and she has changed our life in so many ways! When we met our Souly for the first time it was immediately clear to all involved it was meant to be! Souly is now 8 months old and a pleasure to have in our family. He is a very smart, happy, healthy Bernedoodle boy and we could not have picked a better best friend for my daughter. If your in the market for a new furry family member Demmer Doodles is the place to go!! Robin is an amazing woman with a calling to, Change lives one puppy at a time, and she did just that for us and we are forever grateful.
    Michelle Cooper
  • Christine Nanke
    We had an amazing experience picking out our Bernedoodle! The dogs are so well cared for. Robin is very knowledgeable on her dogs and makes sure you are getting a great dog. We were amazed at how well behaved he was at such a young age and does amazing with my three young kids. It’s obvious they are well loved. Would highly recommend this breeder!
    Christine Nanke
  • Toni Gruber
    We searched high and low for the perfect bernadoodle. With Demmer Doodles we found the perfect fit. The facilities were beautiful. These dogs and puppies are so well taken care of. And receive so much love before they get taken to their forever homes. The owners were a dream to talk to and find the perfect dog for our family. Would highly recommend to anyone!
    Toni Gruber
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