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Looking for a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle Puppy

We are well known as Demmer Doodles located just outside of Dubuque, Iowa on a 24 acre Kennel Free dog/puppy ranch.

We are also well know for our impeccable establishment that we take great pride in and love to share with our scheduled visitors! If a Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle is what your ready to cuddle and love on, we might just have the furry puppy companion you are looking for. We raise Standard & Mini Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles puppies with loads of kisses and love. These great dogs love kids, with no or very little shedding, they make for an easy pet to love and snuggle up with. Our biggest expression of this breed is that they're very human like with a overwhelming touch of compassion. 

All of our Bernedoodle puppies will range in size a Tiny Bernedoodle 10-24 lbs. ( Tiny poodle with a tiny Bernedoodle.) A Mini Bernedoodle ranges from 25-49 lbs. ( Mini Poodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog. Standard may range from 50 up. which is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a Standard Poodle. 

Our Goldendoodle puppies will range in about the same size, our adult  Goldendoodle breed with a tiny poodle will range from 24-39 lbs. while a Goldendoodle with small standard poodle will range 35-50 lbs. 

2 year Health Guarantee; as all puppies are up to date on shots, wormer and a vet health check Iowa State Certified 

Bernedoodle & Goldendoole Puppies

Demmer Doodles of Dubuque Iowa area is very picky with there Bernedoodle & Goldendoode puppies, we have a 2 year puppy guarantee on care, so working with the best breeder is important for all future puppies in this world. All of Demmer Doodles dogs/puppies are all raised kennel free on a 24 acre puppy ranch so needless to say they are spoiled critters to no end! We have a huge love for these beautiful human like breeds, while there is no better feeling then someone coming to choose their very own puppy to take home after we hand deliver every puppy and give love to them for 8 weeks till its your turn. One thing we can say for sure is that we never loose that love and space in our hearts for every puppy born here.

We generally always have a waiting list that we can add you to with no obligation what so ever. We just simply text you your litter of choice to be updated on. So as they grow you get full updates and a cute view of them grow. If you would like to have a pick before others get the one you like, we do have a nonrefundable deposit option. This gives you the first pick of the puppy or if someone is a head of you; in line for the next pick of the litters available. We do not sell to breeders or puppy mills, we have a strict no breed/health contract policy, all our puppies wormed and fully vaccinated with a full 2 year health guarantee with vet health inspection. We are also licensed with the state of Iowa.

They will require spayed or neutered, so our babies go to the best of the best homes!

Please Note~ 24~Hour monitoring of Camera Surveillance on all property & all buildings, with Sheriff Dispatch    

Puppy Choice Deposit